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The Power of Antimicrobial Hygienic Cladding

Antimicrobial Hygienic Cladding

In healthcare settings, maintaining a sterile environment is paramount to patient safety. Antimicrobial hygienic cladding solutions offer a powerful line of defense against harmful bacteria, creating a cleaner and safer space for both patients and medical professionals.

Continuous Protection:

Unlike traditional cladding materials, antimicrobial solutions boast 24/7 bacterial growth inhibition. Rigorously tested, these systems have been proven to reduce microbes by a staggering 99.9% within just two hours. This continuous protection creates a significant advantage in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

A Long-Term Investment:

Cladding technology goes beyond simply covering surfaces. It actively enhances the hygienic properties of your environment, promoting a healthier atmosphere. Many cladding solutions come with a lifetime guarantee, offering peace of mind and a long-term return on your investment.

Safety and Sustainability Combined:

These innovative cladding products are formulated with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ensuring they contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Additionally, they can achieve a Class 0 fire rating, a critical safety feature in healthcare facilities.

Aesthetics Meet Functionality:

Gone are the days of sterile, white walls in healthcare settings. Antimicrobial hygienic cladding comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a more modern and aesthetically pleasing environment while prioritizing hygiene.

Easy Maintenance, Lasting Durability:

Designed with functionality in mind, antimicrobial cladding is incredibly easy to clean, promoting efficient hygiene protocols. These watertight and durable solutions are built to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas, ensuring a long lifespan.

Beyond Operating Theatres:

The benefits of antimicrobial hygienic cladding extend far beyond operating theatres. These versatile systems are perfect for a variety of healthcare settings, including commercial kitchens, wet rooms, patient wards, and more. With options like 2.5mm thick extruded semi-rigid sheet panels with a smooth satin finish, you can find cladding solutions that meet the specific needs of your space.

By incorporating antimicrobial hygienic cladding into your healthcare environment, you’re making a significant investment in patient safety, staff well-being, and a cleaner, healthier future.


cladding sheets are available in Satin White, Pastel, and ViVid color ranges






2500mm x 122omm
2800mm x 1220mm
3050mm x 1220mm


UK – BS 476 Class 1 & Class 0 (When bonded to non-combustible substrate)
EU – EN13051 B-S3-D0
USA – ASTM E84 Class A
CAN – Can-UCL – S102.2 Tested
AUS – AS NZS 3837 1998 Tested


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