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Laminar Ceiling & Diffusers,
The complete unit shall have factory prepared fine sealing system. It should be perfectly seamless integration of ceiling mounted equipment and OT Ceiling. It should be flexible modular range of solutions, adjustable to the local requirements .It should be made out of high quality and durable materials, filter housings and pressure chamber are made out of Aluminum. It should have a low pressure drop allows for the long-term usage of the HEPA miniplate H13/H14 filters . It should have reliable filter efficiency our filters are guaranteed to remove particles and gems with the usual H 13/H14 filters retaining 99.99 % of the particles and germs. It should have minimal pressure drop a low pressure drop ensures the energy saving characteristic of the Laminar Flow Ceiling . Air & light diffuser made out of two layer of mono filament precision woven polyester for the plan air ceiling to give a “LAMINAR FLOW” of filtered air. It also provides a diffused shadow less lighting system with a control on the intensity of luminance by using high frequency electronic fluorescent tubes and bal- lasts

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