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Semi-Automatic Control Panel

Semi-Automatic Control Panel

Semi-Automatic control panel

At Alfa Medico Products, we prioritize patient safety and efficient healthcare delivery. Our innovative semi-automatic control panels for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) ensure an uninterrupted supply of critical medical gases and vacuum at desired pressures.

Enhanced Control & Safety for Medical Gas Systems:

Alfa Medico’s semi-automatic control panels act as the central hub for your MGPS. These user-friendly panels provide real-time monitoring of gas levels, pressure regulation, and system alerts. The semi-automatic functionality allows for seamless switching between gas sources, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous patient care.

Benefits of Alfa Medico’s Semi-Automatic Control Panels:

  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply: Guarantees consistent flow of medical gases and vacuum for optimal patient care.
  • Precise Pressure Control: Ensures delivery of gases at the required pressure for various medical applications.
  • Enhanced System Safety: Integrated alarms and alerts notify personnel of potential issues, promoting proactive maintenance.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Streamlined interface simplifies operation and reduces human error.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs:

Alfa Medico offers a range of configurable semi-automatic control panels suitable for various medical gas combinations, including Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Medical Air (AR 4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Surgical Air (AR 7). Our products cater to the specific requirements of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in India and across the globe.

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