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Din-type Gas Outlet

High-Quality DIN-type Gas Outlets

Alfa Medico Products is a leading manufacturer of top-tier medical equipment for hospitals. Our product line includes DIN-type Gas Outlets, essential for the safe and efficient distribution of medical gases.

DIN-type Gas Outlets are a versatile solution for supplying various medical gases, including oxygen, air, vacuum, and nitrous oxide. Designed according to the DIN standard, an international benchmark for medical gas equipment, these outlets prioritize safety and reliability.

Each outlet features a safety valve that automatically shuts off gas flow if improperly connected. Additionally, a leak-proof connection ensures minimal gas wastage.

DIN-type Gas Outlets boast user-friendly operation. To connect, simply insert the adapter into the outlet and then connect the adapter to the gas source. Disconnection is equally effortless; just pull the adapter from the outlet.

This versatile solution caters to diverse medical settings. DIN-type Gas Outlets are suitable for hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and even home healthcare applications.

Alfa Medico Products offers DIN-type Gas Outlets in various sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. We also provide a range of adapters, ensuring compatibility with various medical gas sources.

If you seek high-quality DIN-type Gas Outlets, look no further than Alfa Medico Products. We deliver safe, reliable, and user-friendly equipment, along with a diverse product portfolio to cater to your unique requirements.


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