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Antibacterial Paint
CERAMI FRESH lN provides excellent resistance to stain on the interior wall with special silicon emulsion. It prevents stain on the interior wall caused by liquid spots such as soy sauce and coffee and resists pollution. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly that emits less than 1% of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) and achieves remarkable antibacterial {anti-germ} performance with superior technology.
Stain Resistance and Washability
(Polymerization technique of special silicon emulsion and the flexibility of paint film sur- face prevent stain from penetrating through the film. Moreover, stain can be easily removed from the surface compared with conventional emulsion)
Enviromentally Friendly
(ft emits less than 1 % of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound). lt is safe and low in odour during and after painting work. lt provides a comfortable indoor environment immediately after application)
Resistance to Bacteria and mildew
(With superior technology, it achieves remark- able anti-bacterial (anti-germ) performance and mildew resistance and maintains hygienic environment.)
Testing Method
Based on JIS K 5663.7.12,’wash the surface with a brdsh of 450 gram load. Then, check the peeling of paint film and exposure of substrate.

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