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ESD Vinyl Floor 2mm thick conductive 100% recycled PVC flexible homogeneous compacted floor covering in roll of size 2mtrs x 20 mtrs. having total weight 2900 g/m2 , suitable for use in labs, OT’s etc. and conforming to static electrical resistance EN1081 104 ≤Rt ≤106 ohms with incorporated carbon encapsulated granules throughout its full thickness and has a conductive backing to ensure optimal and constant conductive properties throughout its full life expectancy. Its surface should be densely compacted for improving wear and ease of maintenance. It should have anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties. The flooring shall incorporate a specially formulated PUR+ Iodine stain free – UV Protected (No bacterial growth) Surface Treatment avoids staining of chemical products used in healthcare like betadine, eosin or anti-bacterial hand gel and increases the durability of the flooring. And should complies with the (34-43) as per EN 685 and (Group ‘ T ’) wear rating as per NF 189 and should have residual indentation of ≈0.03mm as per EN 433. It should also confirm to class Bfl-s1 in flammability test as per EN13501-1, slip resistance of R9 as per DIN 51130 class & colour fastness ≥6 degree as per EN 20105-B02. The product Pentachlorophenol (PCP) free and Covid-19 protection. It incorporates bacteriostatic and fungistatic actions, tested for Anti-bacterial activity (ISO 22196  >99% inhibit the growth of bacteria). It should have low VOC contain as TVOC after 28 days.

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