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Probes are crucial for gas specific and stable connection. These are used to connect medi- cal gases and vacuum devices to outlets / terminal units of MGPS distribution network
Manufactured in wide range of Quick connect and DISS types compatible to various Outlet / Terminal Unit standards, Maintaining gas specif- ic keying safety.
Patient end connection to medical devices are available in 6 mm OD Hose barb, 1/8” BSPT, 3/8” BSP etc. However, customized patient end connection, angled connection and various end fittings are also available on request.
Probes are available for O , N O, O / N O (Entonox), CO , Vacuum, Medical Air -AR4, Instrument Air -AR7, Nitrogen, Helium/oxygen mixtures (Helix), AGS, Triple mix gases (Tri-Gas: CO , O & N ) and gas mixtures classified as medi- cal gases.

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