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Copper Tubes (Mexflow)

The internal cleanness of medical gas tubes in an Oxygen application is critical in order to prevent gas contamination and potential explosion,Oxygen under pressure may cause spontaneous combustion of residual organic drawing gas if they remain inside the tube after manufacturing.Gas and other contaminants may also cause patient serious respiratory if not removed prior to dispatch of the tube to hospital site


BS EN 13348:2016–   Copper and copper alloys –Seamless,round copper tubes for medical gases or vacuum

BS EN 1057:2010-   Copper & copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating application (mainly used for plumbing application)

ASRTM B819-00- Seamless Copper Tube for Medical Gas System


Material Grade: Phosphorous de-oxide copper; c-DHP or CW024A Minimum copper content 99.90 %( including silver), Phosphorous 0.015-0.040 %

Total impurities: Maximum 0.060% (excluding phosphorus and silver)

Copper Melting Point: 1083ºC Copper Dencity-8.9gm/cc

 Temper condition: Half Hard (R250) Tensile Strength: 250 Mpa. minimum Elongation:30%

 Hardness (indicative) at HV 5 Scale: 75 to 100 Cleanliness: Maximum total carbon content 0.20 mg/dm2. The Determination of lubricant residue as total carbon is carried out with the help of Carbon Determinator using reference method described in EN 723.

Freedom from defect test:-100% Tubes are subject to an Eddy Current Test for detection of local defects in accordance with EN01971

Packaging: each tube individually and capped, polythene wrapped in bundle and sealed. Marking: Sizes 12-108mm Mexflow copper tube are marked with:

Tube size

 BSI Kite mark/Lloyds(as per order)

 EN 13348

 Temper (Half Hard R250)


Date & Batch Code 12mm to 108mm sizes are also inkjet marked with additional date to enable traceability



Copper Tubes:

The copper tube shall be manufactured from phosphorus deoxidized non-arsenical Copper to grade CW 024A(Cu-DHP) confirming to BS EN:13348/ASTM: B 819 in half Hard Temper Conditions.Copper tubes shall be Degreased & suitable for Oxygen use with both ends Copped and Protectively Packed. Copper Tubes manufactured unit shall be registered in according with ISO 9001.

Copper Fitting:

Medical Gas Pipeline Fitting shell be end feed type, manufactured from the same grade of copper as the Tubes and be in according with the requirement of BS EN 1254-1: 1998 Part 1.The manufacturing company should comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and should be Kite Marked to EN 1254-1(up to 159 mm) Fitting should be factory degreased suitable for oxygen use and be supplied individual sealed in protective polythene bags. Fitting should be certified for medical use and accompany with gas analysis certificate and conformity certificate indicating suitable for medical use.

Installing Guidelines:

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